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What Draws Men To Jesus? 
Caleb Wray

Looking back in the time of Jesus, great crowds were attracted to Him. Still today, many are drawn to Jesus and His life, but the question is what draws men and women to Him today? When trying to bring others to Christ, what is it that can be used to draw more into Him?

First, let us consider Christ’s life. Everywhere He went, great crowds wanted to see Him. Just like a little light attracts many, the light of His life and ministry attracted many to see Him. Note that while He took on a form as us, and lived as a man, He was sinless. (John 8:46, Hebrews 4:15). There is attraction in that He never violated the Word of God and gave us an example to follow. Also, He showed love. Remember 1 John 4:8 showed us that God is love. Jesus shows perfect love from God in that: He was ready to receive the vilest sinner (Mt 9:10-11), and He had compassion on men (Mt 9:36). He also spoke of a personal relationship with God. (John 5:17 -19; 14:10-11) He revealed God to all in a way that God had not previously been known. (John 14:7-9). In John 10:30, He stated that “I and the Father are one.” Jesus Christ gave an example of a perfect life, and showed love and compassion to those who were in need. People are attracted to the light that shined from His life.

Secondly, many were attracted because of the signs He performed. Several who were suffering benefited physically from the miracles He worked (Matthew 4:24-25). They marveled at the great works that Jesus was able to perform (Mt 8-9). His works brought astonishment to the people. Notice just some of the miracles He worked: Walked on Water; Calmed the Tempest; Feeding the Multitude; Raised the Dead (Jairus’ daughter, Widow of Nain’s Son, Lazarus); Healed the Man who’d been born Blind. This is just a sampling of the works He did in His life. Even at His death, the great scenes that happened, signified Who this Jesus was. There was immense proof of His ability and power over time, space, science, etc.

Thirdly, many came to see Him because of His teaching. It was a contrast to that of the Jewish leaders. (Mt. 7:28-29) The teaching attracted many to come and learn. He taught in parables (Matthew 13) which were easy to remember and provided great depth to their life if they learned the lesson. His words signified a pure life and a right heart that attracted those desiring to live with an honest heart. Jesus did not teach one way and live another. He lived out all of His teachings in His life and was a model and beacon to any wishing to live life the right way.

Fourthly, we ourselves are attracted to Jesus due to the passion we have from His death. He died innocent of the charges brought against Him. He willingly submitted Himself to death that others might live. He hung between two transgressors of the law that the plan of God may be fulfilled. When we look at the agony of Him in Gethsemane that He suffered for us it moves us. (Mt. 26); When we understand the unjust trial He endured for us and the mockery and desertion He faced from His companions for us it should move us. When we see His scourging and crucifixion and how the perfect Lamb was slain, it should move us to Him because He died upon the tree for ME.

People are attracted to Jesus because He conquered death. Just as was foretold, Jesus raised from the dead on the third day. He alone is the solution for each of us when faced with the fear of death. He calls people to Him that they too might have the hope of eternity with God when this life is over. He is qualified to speak about eternal life because He is the one who has overcome death. People are attracted to Him, because in Him we can escape the fear of death.

Lastly, people are attracted to Jesus because He holds the words of eternal life. Many want to know how to inherit eternal life. (Mt 19:16) People still want to come to Him that they too might be able to live eternally with Him. The conditions are laid out in the Bible and are simple. One must have faith & belief in Jesus Christ and the Word of God. (John 8:24). One must no longer wish to live as their former self, but rather repent of that life and want to live in Christ. (Luke 13:3) That same one must confess Jesus as the Son of God, the one in Whom there is salvation (Matthew 10:32). One must go down in the watery grave, that they might be united with Him in a similar way (John 3:3, Romans 6). That one then who has fulfilled all of this is charged to live faithfully before the Lord. (Matthew 24:13)

Remember what Jesus said in John 12:32 — “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me.” Jesus is the beacon of hope in this dark world. People search every day for something to give them the happiness they are looking for in life. Unfortunately, unless they look to Jesus they’ll never be satisfied.


Ed Brand

Peter urges saints to regard themselves as sojourners and pilgrims. A  sojourner is one who lives among aliens. Pilgrims live in a strange place, away from one’s own people. Hostility is injected into this alien, strange place by the phrase, which war against the soul (1 Pet. 2:11). He says the present dwelling place of Christians is in a strange, hostile land; a land where danger lurks in the form of fleshly lusts.

I know Americans who live abroad. They are literally sojourners. They are living in a country of which they are not native. The customs there are different from their homeland. Most of them live in relative safety from governmental persecution, but some do not. There is actual danger of deportation or threat of harassment while they live there. A remarkable thing about these people: they volunteered to live in this environment because they believe their being there would be helpful to the cause of Jesus. Living there is generally more rigorous and less comfortable than living in the USA. They have not forgotten their homeland and look forward to the time they can return.

Christians are living in a land which is not theirs and which is inhabited by people and influences which are foreign to them. How easy it is to forget that we are just pilgrims passing through. We are like Abraham who dwelled in tents (only a temporary home) while he traveled in search of the city which hath foundations (Heb. 11:9-10). He was incessantly looking for this permanent dwelling place.

The world is out to make us citizens. Its efforts, sometimes subtle, sometimes bold, are to make us feel at home here. We need to slip into something more comfortable. Since we are going to be here for awhile we ought to at least enjoy being here. Don’t be so uptight.

I’m afraid many saints are vulnerable to this persuasive song the world sings. Some have concentrated so hard on the here and now that the there and then have all but been forgotten. We are surrounded with the gadgets of culture which dazzle and amaze our eyes and minds. The popular media praise modern paganism and denounce Christians with convictions as right-wing fanatics and bigots. Surely we do not want to be either fanatics or bigots. The only way to be relieved of those names is to cease opposition to the world’s agenda, be silent and lay down our arms.

Dear brethren, when we become sophisticated and are comfortable in our surroundings, the enemy has won. Our lips will be silenced in opposition to wrong and closed for use to convert others. Our numbers will dwindle, our influence lessen, until we are gone. Vanished!  Unless we remain conscious to the designations of sojourners and pilgrims and act consistently with the meaning of those terms.


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